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Advanced Ophthalmic Eye Care Services in London, UK


At The Harley Street Eye Centre we advise, examine and treat your eyes with great care and our aim is to bring you, peace of mind and improved eye health.


We are not just an eye clinic, we are a technologically advanced eye care facility filled with eye experts located within the clinic, who collectively have decades of experience. We respond quickly and we have a sound reputation as a leading Eye Care provider in Harley Street, London.


 We have a team of experienced ophthalmologists, optometrists, and eye experts all in one place, who constantly aim for the highest standards of service in providing a world-class service.


Management if glaucoma has come a long way. The capability for early diagnosis, stage assessment and treatment are all available at the Harley Street Eye Centre. SLT, diode laser and ocular stenting are services that we provide to help our patients achieve what matters most, good quality of life whilst minimising the burden of topical eye drop medication.


Corneal imaging, interpretation, and intervention have become an art form at The Harley Street Eye Centre. With advanced corneal scanners equipped with cutting-edge algorithms for superior interpretation and a talented team of corneal surgeons we are ideally placed to treat any issue arising from the cornea,


The growing phenomenon of dry eye can in part be attributed to our modern lifestyles. Treatment with heat pads and eye drops do not address the root cause of dry eye. Meibomian Gland Dysfunction (MGD) alters the consistency of the tear film and contributes heavily to dry eye.


At the Harley Street Eye Centre, we employ a new approach to the treatment of dry eye, with eyelid scanners identifying the dysfunctioning glands and assessment of the tear film components followed by the use of IPL machines to open up blocked glands we offer a longer-term solution for dry eye.

Ophthalmic Services: Services
Ophthalmic Services: Services


The Harley Street Eye Centre can offer a unique service when it comes to Cataract and Refractive Surgery. What sets us apart is our ability to detect lens dysfunction syndrome which is a leading cause of patient dissatisfaction post-operatively.


Moreover, our state of the art facility allows us to properly assess patient suitability and eligibility for premium intra-ocular lenses and thus setting and meeting the most appropriate patient expectations by offering the most appropriate intra-ocular lens for the patient.

We also can offer bespoke refractive solutions for previous surgery patients who are not at the level of vision they are expecting. 

The Harley Street Eye Centre is dedicated to superior patient outcomes and expectations and can do so via its talented team of surgeons and cutting-edge imaging such as the i-Trace


At the Harley Street Eye Centre, you will find a team of world-class retinal specialists with vast experience in complicated cases.


The combination of the medical/surgical team along with advanced retinal imaging via our OCT angiogram scanners, enable the following to patients:

Early detection of Diabetic and Vascular retinal changes

Up to date management with laser and intra-ocular injections. 

Undergo advanced vitreo-retinal surgery

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